The steps of a perfect production description are considering your buyer persona, get creative, use details, optimize for SEO, etc.

Key Note #1: How To Write Product Description? Note #1: How to Write Product Description

The formula to make your customers completely fascinated with your product.

You will write perfect product descriptions and increase your sales.

Let’s understand what is product description as it is the basics.

This is the text that explains your product to potential customers including:

The goal of this is to give so many compelling reasons to the customer that he gets attracted and buys your product.

The most necessary skill to write a product description is:

Copywriting skills: There are copywriting champions in advertising agencies, who write such amazing ads, that they:
Impact mind: Stay in your mind.
Heart Touching: Touch your heart.
Call To Action: These become a call to action for you.
For example: There are many old ads like those by Bajaj Chetak or Limca that you will remember even today.

Minimal Text: Your goal is to explain your product using minimal text. You must also include the:
Product Features
Product Benefits
Listing in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
Top in Search Results
To do excellent copywriting, you can do an activity. Log on to and search for any product. This can be a water bottle, headphones, speaker, etc. You don’t have to buy it, just search for it.

Now, on your own, on your own computer, open a Word file and write an explanation about this product. Keep in mind the features and benefits. Then compare this description to the one that is already written on Amazon.

By doing this, you will observe the gap between your understanding of the product and the description that is already written on Amazon.

After writing the product description of about 50 products, you will understand and learn the skill of copywriting art.

Any product description is divided into two parts generally. The first is:

  1. Product Details
  2. Story of the Product

Your goal is to make your website visitor imagine and visualise your product. He should feel that the product is the best for his needs. Upon reading the product description, there should be a photo in his mind about your product.

Like when you listen to a story, read a magazine or a book. In that book, a story is written down which at once, you almost feel is very real.

Key Note #2: Perfect Product Description – Steps

There are 8 steps to write this:

  1. Consider Your Buyer Persona
  2. Get Creative
  3. Use Details
  4. Optimise for SEO
  5. Include Social Proof
  6. Make It Easy To Read
  7. Incorporate Graphics & Images
  8. Measure The Success

Let’s discuss these points in detail:

  1. Consider Your Buyer Persona:

Your product description should be so amazing that it solves your customer’s burning problem. Your product description should be very good because this will build lots of confidence in the eyes of your customer.

Your customer will feel that if the product description is so good, then this company is very professional. If a company takes so much time and patience to explain the product to the customer, then it definitely wants to create a lot of value for the customer.

There are three important sub-steps here:

A) Understand your buyer’s demographics:

Buying Capacity: That is what is his salary and his persona.
B) Understand the customer’s story: This means understanding:

Interests: Music, Sports & Cars.
Needs: Food, Clothes, House & Education.
Interests and needs are two very different things.

C) Customer’s Impulse Buying Behaviour:

Impulse means when the customer buys without thinking properly. He buys that product because he finds it interesting although it is not his need at present, maybe in the future he will need it.

Can your product fulfill the customer’s impulse buying, for certain occasions like?

This is called impulse buying. It’s possible that even you suddenly bought a gift for your wife, husband, parents, etc from a jewelry showroom, or a watch, etc.

  1. Get Creative:

Your product description should be interesting, that the customers imagine using it in his life. The customer should also feel:

What’s in it for them?
How will they benefit from this product? This includes:
Your customer is buying your product in the end. But first, he is buying your promise, brand, and your trust.

Daily Use Cases
Tell your customer how much testing, research, and innovation you are putting into your product before presenting your product to your customer.

Be careful that creativity does not mean that you put a funny description of your product to make your customers laugh. This actually means that you tell stories of daily use cases, and how your product is superior so that the customer instantly thinks of buying your product.

  1. Use Details: The product description should be:

To the Point
Do not use vague or fluffy language.

Let’s do an activity. Write a product description, read it, and see whether it:

Value Addition in Your Life: Does it add value to your life?
Solving Burning Problem: Does it solve a burning problem in your life?
For Example:

Dr. Trust Oximeter. During the Corona times these days, doctors always say that if the oxygen level is going down, then it’s a sign that you are getting Corona. So, Oximeter is a device that tests the level of oxygen in your body. Now, observe that in the headline of this brand:
Dr. Trust (USA) Signature Series Finger Tip Pulse Oximeter With Audio Visual Alarm (Midnight Black).
The main highlight of the product is the audiovisual alarm. However, in the product description, even the Perfusion Index is mentioned very clearly, which is very useful information for the customer.
In the section of ‘Why Choose Our Brand,’ they have shown a picture of a baby which explains that this product is safe even for babies. This totally changes the perception of the customer and he immediately buys this product knowing now that it is safe for everyone.

  1. Optimise for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation):

This we have talked about in-depth in the Zero Dollar Marketing Course of the Bada Business app. This is very important as your customer is solving his needs. What can he search for? These are the terms that you have to write in the product description.

For example:

If you want to buy a water bottle, then you are not going to type in Google that you are feeling thirsty. You are going to search for a water bottle, but what type of water bottle, maybe you are not sure of that.
If you have written the different variations of water bottles in your product description, then the customer will get more options for your product. So, to ensure this, it is necessary to do Keyword research.
There are many expensive tools to do this, but let’s go over a free tool that you can use right after this video. You can go to any big E-commerce website like and go and type in the Search Bar, your product name, or any product you want to sell.

Take a look at the recommended results that Amazon is giving you. Observe the product listing pages very closely and note down all the keywords and descriptions being used.

  1. Include Social Proof – Reviews:

This can be summed up in one word, ‘reviews.’ Before buying any product, you will definitely look at the reviews of that product, won’t you?

It is not possible that on Day One, you will get 1000 reviews. However, you can ask friends and early customers to leave a review for your product. You can even call up your customers and invite them to write a review on all the E-commerce websites.

Be careful not to use paid customer reviews. This is because Amazon and Flipkart have very strong automatic search engines which can easily detect paid customer reviews. Your seller’s account can even be blocked or banned only because of this reason because this is considered a fraud.

Tell your customers to write genuine reviews and make sure that you answer all reviews yourself. You should thank the customers yourself. Even if there is a bad review, solve it for that customer. This will boost your SEO listing on that platform.

For Example:

Let’s look at Oximeters again since this is an important product these days. When you look at the Amazon page for Oximeters, you will see three brands which are Wembley, BPL, and Dr. Trust.
The Dr. Trust brand has more than 3,600 reviews with a four-and-a-half-star rating, whereas Wembley’s has only about 94 reviews and BPL has about 670 reviews.
So, which one are you going to buy? Of course, you will buy the Dr. Trust product as it has the maximum number of reviews and it is impossible for the company to have so many paid reviews for this product.

  1. Make It Easy To Read: Whatever product description you are writing, it should be in:

Pointers: You should write your product description in pointers or lists, not in paragraphs.
Big Headlines
Take Advantage of the White Space: Have you noticed that the background color of E-Commerce websites is always white in color? If the background color and if you write the text in black, then it is clearly visible.
Take full advantage of the white space and describe the important features of your product. You don’t have to fill the whole space.

Profitecom Ecommerce Business Solutions
  1. Incorporate Graphics & Images:

Product Pictures
Product Videos
Real Experience
The most critical parts are the product pictures and product videos which are the real experience of your product.

For Example:

On Amazon, type Apple watches series 3 on the upper search bar. Scroll down the page a little. You will see big images on your screen. These are very interesting. Even a company like Apple, which has a value of two trillion dollars, does its photography in such a professional manner!
They are highlighting every single feature of their products through photographs and communicating this to the customers.
How to do to the photography of your products has been explained by Nishant K. Manchanda in another video of this course.

  1. Measure the Success: Measure the success of your product description. That is whatever product description you have written, whether it is successful or not, how will you come to know?

This is the only way to test this. Launch your product with description number one. And with this, do one more listing of a similar, but not the same product. Write for a similar product with a different description. That is, you have done different listings for two different products and you have different descriptions.

Observe and see which description is performing better purely based on customer sales and click-throughs. How many customers are actually clicking on your description and how many are actually getting converted into sales?

Now, you will get a bonus which is a product description writing template. You will also get a wonderful way to write your product descriptions.

Whenever you are beginning to write a product description, keep in mind these four important questions and write the answers for them as well:

For whom is this product and what language they speak?
What are the benefits of your product?
How your product can be used?
How is your product better than your competitors?
You actually have to write down the answers to these questions, not just think of them as your customer will not understand what you are thinking in your mind.

Finally, let’s assume that you only are the customer of your own product. You have bought it. After buying it and using it, what kind of review do you want to write? In the review, you will write the features, benefits, and how it made your life easier.

It could be positive or negative. Amazingly, this is the actual product description of your product. This is because whatever you have written has come from your heart. This will connect with the customer because it is like a real-life situation.

Massive Action Plan

There are two important points in this:

Master In Writing Product Descriptions: You are the only one who knows your own product as well as the customer’s pain. So, you should write your product description instead of giving it to a vendor or marketing agency.