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Amazon Account Management Services

Amazon Seller Account Management Services in India refer to professional services offered by third-party providers to help sellers manage their Amazon seller accounts effectively. These services may include account setup, product listing optimization, inventory management, pricing strategy, advertising, and performance tracking.

By using these services, sellers can leverage the expertise of professionals to improve their sales, increase their visibility on the Amazon marketplace, and ensure compliance with Amazon’s policies and guidelines. This can help them save time and resources, allowing them to focus on other aspects of their business.

If you are considering using Amazon Seller Account Management Services in India, it’s important to research and choose a reputable provider that offers services tailored to your specific needs and goals. You should also ensure that the provider is knowledgeable about Amazon’s policies and guidelines and follows ethical business practices.

Business Waala is India’s leading Amazon seller account management service network provider offering all services that a seller on Amazon needs to succeed and thrive. Our team helps you to put up your storefront on Amazon followed by a slew of services to assure your success and growth. Our comprehensive services cover Amazon SEO services, acting as your Amazon marketplace account manager, and plenty more. It includes selecting the right products to sell, photography, text description, pricing, competitor analysis on Amazon, managing orders, billing & payments, and taking care of promotions. Our expertise is based on expertise and in-depth market analysis leading to success for you. Digicommerce tops in the account management Amazon marketplace because we know how the system operates. We conduct and manage all your operations on Amazon even as we keep in sight Amazon’s complex maze of rules and guidelines. As your Amazon account management agency, we work the mantra right for your prosperity.

Our Amazon Seller Account Management Service Includes

Business Waala, India’s best Amazon account management services provider, offers the Amazon related services:

  1. Onboarding your seller account on Amazon

  2. Brand Approval

  3. Product Listing & Cataloging

  4. Selection of Keywords, Tittle, Bullet Points and Description

  5. A+ Cataloging

  6. Product Listing Optimization

  7. Brand Registry and Protection

  8. Product Launch

  9. Campaign & Advertisement

  10. FBA & Warehouse selection

Onboarding your seller account on Amazon

Create an Amazon seller account: Visit the Amazon Seller Central website in India and click on the “Register now” button. You will be asked to provide basic information about yourself and your business, such as your name, email address, business name, and tax ID.

Complete your seller profile: Once you have chosen your selling plan, you will need to complete your seller profile by providing additional information about your business, including your address, phone number, and bank account details. You will also need to provide your GST registration number.

Brand Approval

To get brand approval on, the brand needs to follow these steps:

  1. Register the brand: The brand needs to register the brand with by providing the brand name, logo, and other relevant information.

  2. Provide product information: The brand needs to provide information about the products they want to sell on, including product images, descriptions, and pricing.

  3. Provide documents: The brand needs to provide relevant documents, such as trademark registration certificates, authorization letters, and product invoices.

  4. Wait for approval: Once the brand has completed all the necessary steps, they will need to wait for to review their application and approve their brand for selling on the platform.

Product Listing & Cataloging

  1. Create an Amazon seller account: If you don’t already have an Amazon seller account, create one by visiting the Amazon Seller Central website.

  2. Choose the category: Select the category in which you want to list your product. Amazon has more than 30 product categories to choose from, including electronics, clothing, home appliances, and more.

  3. Add product details: Fill out the product details, including the product name, description, price, images, and features. Ensure that the product description is detailed, accurate, and includes any relevant information that buyers need to know.

  4. Set up pricing and shipping: Determine the pricing of your product, and set up shipping options that are convenient for your customers.

  5. Optimize your listing: Optimize your product listing by including relevant keywords in the title, description, and features. This will help buyers find your product when they search for it on

  6. Submit your listing: Once you have completed all the necessary steps, submit your product listing for review. Amazon will review your listing to ensure it meets their guidelines and policies.

  7. Manage your inventory: Keep track of your inventory levels and update your listings accordingly. This will help you avoid overselling and ensure that your customers receive their orders on time.

Selection of Keywords, Tittle, Bullet Points and Description

Selection of Keywords:

When selecting keywords, it’s important to consider the audience you want to target and what they might be searching for. Think about what your content is about and what words or phrases people might use to find it. Use tools like Google Keyword Planner or SEMrush to research relevant keywords and assess their search volume and competition.


Your title should be attention-grabbing and accurately reflect the content of your article or webpage. It should include your primary keyword and be no longer than 70 characters so that it displays fully in search results.

Bullet Points:

Bullet points are an effective way to break up text and highlight important information. When using bullet points, make sure to keep them concise and use strong action words that accurately reflect the content.


Your description should provide a brief overview of the content and include relevant keywords. It should be no longer than 155 characters so that it displays fully in search results. Make sure to provide a clear and concise summary of what readers can expect to find in your content.

A+ Cataloging

Sellers on Amazon can create their own product listings using Amazon’s cataloging system, which includes a series of templates and forms for entering product information. These templates are designed to capture the most important details about a product, such as its title, description, and pricing, and provide a standardized format for presenting this information to customers.

While Amazon’s cataloging system is different from A+ cataloging, there are some similarities between the two approaches. Both systems require catalogers to carefully examine the item being cataloged and use descriptive metadata to help users find and understand the item. However, the focus of A+ cataloging is on providing detailed, standardized metadata for library resources, while Amazon’s cataloging system is designed to support the marketing and sale of products on the platform.

Product Listing Optimization

Product Listing Optimization (PLO) is the process of optimizing product listings on e-commerce platforms to improve their visibility and performance. The goal of PLO is to make products more attractive to customers by optimizing their titles, descriptions, images, and other attributes.

  1. Keyword research: Conduct thorough keyword research to understand what search terms your customers are using to find products like yours. Use these keywords in your product titles and descriptions.

  2. Product titles: Use descriptive and concise product titles that include relevant keywords. Highlight the product’s main benefits and unique features in the title.

  3. Product descriptions: Write detailed and accurate product descriptions that highlight the product’s benefits and features. Use bullet points to make the information easy to scan.

  4. Product images: Use high-quality images that showcase the product from multiple angles. Ensure that the images are properly sized and optimized for fast loading times.

  5. Product reviews: Encourage customers to leave product reviews by providing excellent customer service and following up with customers after their purchase. Positive reviews can help boost your product’s visibility and credibility.

  6. Pricing: Price your products competitively and consider offering discounts or promotions to attract customers.

  7. A/B testing: Experiment with different product titles, descriptions, images, and pricing to see what works best for your target audience. Use A/B testing to test different variations and optimize your listings over time.

Brand Registry and Protection

Brand Registry on Amazon is a program that allows brand owners to protect their registered trademarks on Amazon. Once a brand is registered with Amazon Brand Registry, the brand owner gains access to various tools and resources to protect their brand from infringement and ensure a positive customer experience.

Some of the benefits of Amazon Brand Registry include:

  1. Enhanced brand protection: Registered brands have increased control over their product listings and are better equipped to detect and report infringement.

  2. Access to powerful search tools: Amazon provides brand owners with advanced search tools that allow them to search for and report potentially infringing content.

  3. Increased control over product listings: Brand owners can create and modify their product listings, including the product titles, images, and descriptions.

  4. Improved customer experience: Amazon’s Brand Registry program allows brand owners to provide additional product details, including high-quality images and videos, which can enhance the customer experience.

Product Launch

Launching a product on Amazon can be a great way to reach a large audience and potentially generate significant sales. Here are some steps to consider when launching a product on Amazon:

  1. Conduct market research: Before launching your product, it’s important to research the market to understand your competition, target audience, and pricing strategy.

  2. Set up an Amazon seller account: To sell on Amazon, you’ll need to create a seller account. This can be done through the Amazon Seller Central website.

  3. Optimize your product listing: Your product listing is essentially your sales page on Amazon. You’ll want to optimize it with high-quality product images, a compelling product description, and relevant keywords for search engine optimization.

  4. Set your price: Determine your product pricing strategy, taking into account your costs, your competitors’ prices, and your desired profit margin.

  5. Launch your product: Once your product listing is optimized and your pricing is set, it’s time to launch your product. You can promote your product through Amazon ads, social media, and other marketing channels.

  6. Monitor performance: Keep an eye on your product’s performance using Amazon’s seller dashboard. Analyze sales data and customer reviews to make any necessary adjustments to your product or marketing strategy.

  7. Continuously improve: To maintain success on Amazon, it’s important to continuously improve your product, your marketing efforts, and your customer service. Listen to customer feedback and make adjustments accordingly.

Campaign & Advertisement

Amazon, one of the world’s largest online retailers, uses a variety of campaigns and advertisements to promote its products and services. Here are some examples:

Prime Day: Amazon’s annual event, Prime Day, is a 2-day shopping extravaganza exclusively for Prime members, featuring steep discounts on a wide range of products. Amazon promotes this event through targeted email campaigns, digital ads across social media platforms, and in-app notifications.

Sponsored Products: Amazon offers a variety of advertising solutions for third-party sellers to promote their products, such as Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, and Sponsored Display ads. These ads appear in search results and product detail pages, and can help increase visibility and sales for sellers.

FBA & Warehouse Selection

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is a service provided by Amazon to its third-party sellers. With FBA, sellers send their products to Amazon’s fulfillment centers, where the products are stored and then picked, packed, and shipped to customers by Amazon.

Warehouse selection is an important aspect of using FBA because it determines where your products will be stored and shipped from. When setting up FBA, sellers can choose to send their products to a single warehouse or multiple warehouses. Amazon will then automatically distribute the products to other warehouses as needed.

Amazon’s algorithm determines the optimal warehouse selection based on several factors, including the seller’s location, the product’s sales history, and the customer demand in specific regions. The goal is to ensure that the products are stored as close as possible to the customers who are most likely to purchase them, which helps to reduce shipping times and costs.

Why Choose Us For Your Amazon Account Management Services?

  1. Expertise: Amazon account management service providers are typically experts in the Amazon marketplace and have a deep understanding of how to optimize product listings, manage inventory, and increase sales.

  2. Time-saving: Managing an Amazon account can be time-consuming and take away from other aspects of running a business. By outsourcing Amazon account management, businesses can free up time to focus on other areas of the business.

  3. Scalability: Amazon account management service providers can help businesses scale up their operations by managing inventory, expanding product lines, and optimizing product listings.

  4. Competitive edge: With so many sellers on Amazon, having a competitive edge is crucial. Amazon account management service providers can help businesses stay ahead of the competition by implementing strategies that increase sales and improve customer satisfaction.

  5. Access to data and analytics: Amazon account management service providers have access to data and analytics that can provide insights into customer behavior, sales trends, and inventory management. This information can be used to make informed decisions and optimize Amazon operations.

Have The Perfect Store On Amazon With Our Help

  1. Research your market: Before you start building your Amazon store, research your target market and the products they are interested in. Identify gaps in the market and look for opportunities to offer unique products that will appeal to your audience.

  2. Choose your products wisely: Select products that are in demand, have high ratings, and are profitable. Ensure that your product listings are optimized with compelling descriptions, images, and reviews.

  3. Create a brand: Establish a brand identity that sets you apart from the competition. This can include a unique logo, product packaging, and a memorable brand name.

  4. Optimize your Amazon store: Make sure that your Amazon store is optimized for search engines and customers. This includes optimizing your product listings, using relevant keywords, and ensuring that your store design is visually appealing and easy to navigate.

  5. Promote your store: Promote your Amazon store through social media, email marketing, and other channels. Encourage customers to leave reviews and feedback to help build your reputation and attract more customers.

By following these tips, you can create a successful Amazon store and grow your business on the platform.


Frequently Asked Questions

Amazon account management services are services provided by companies that specialize in managing Amazon seller accounts. These services typically include account setup and registration, product listing optimization, inventory management, pricing and promotion optimization, order fulfillment, customer service management, and more.

Amazon account management services are beneficial for anyone who sells products on Amazon, whether you are an individual seller or a large company. These services can help you manage your account more efficiently and effectively, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business.

Some of the benefits of using Amazon account management services include saving time and resources, improving product visibility and sales, enhancing customer satisfaction, and staying up-to-date with Amazon policies and best practices.

Yes, Amazon account management service providers will need access to your Amazon account in order to manage it effectively. However, reputable providers will have strict security protocols in place to ensure the safety of your account and data.

The amount of time it takes to see results from Amazon account management services varies depending on the specific services provided and the current state of your account. However, you should see improvements in product visibility, sales, and customer satisfaction within a few weeks or months of starting the service.

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